Fashion wigs and hairpieces in Darlington

If you want to change your look, a wig can give it to you in an instant! Come and try our monochrylic fibre fashion wigs at Clinic 36 in Darlington; wigs that are as good as real hair – and certainly less troublesome!

Want to be blonde? Want to be brunette? Want to be a redhead? Come and try our sensational styled fashion wigs and see what a difference they make to you. Blonde wigs, brunette wigs, redhead wigs – now you can get the look you want without expensive hair treatments. Our range of fashion wigs gives you a new look – instantly! And there’s a wide range of choices available.

Clip-in hair extensions by Beauty Works are great if you are looking for a more glamorous look. The extensions are created using real human hair for a natural look and give instant results. To find out more contact us here.

Free wig fitting, free wig consultation, free wig advice

Don’t want to buy online? Then why not arrange a free, private, no obligation wig consultation with one of our wig specialists? In this free, 1:1 confidential consultation you can take the advice from one of our wig consultants and they can help you make the right choice for the best wig for you.

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Why not arrange a free, confidential 1:1 consultation to discuss your situation and requirements – you can arrange a consultation free here.