Chemotherapy wig specialists and wig consultants

Clinic36 can help you through life’s most challenging times. Our team of wig consultants understand that hair forms part of your identity and losing it through cancer can be incredibly traumatic. That’s because each one of them has personally been affected by cancer and carried out hundreds of 1:1 consultations with others in the same situation. That’s why chemotherapy patients receive complete privacy, sympathy and the utmost professionalism at Clinic 36’s professional salon in Darlington.

We understand that it’s a challenging time for you, emotionally and physically, and that’s why you find the service you get through Clinic36 is like none other.

Clinic 36’s Tim Hinton-Clifton has spent the last 40 years as approved specialist providers to the NHS working with Alopecia and Chemotherapy patients across the North East. With NHS spending cuts effecting the quality of both product and service to patients, Clinic36 have taken the decision to work privately with clients and no longer through the NHS. This ensures that we can continue to offer the unique and special service by our fully trained team of hairdressers and wig fitters.

“Because I’d lost my hair following chemotherapy, I was referred to [Clinic 36] by my Doctor for a wig fitting. On my first visit Tim treated me with so much care and kindness; he fully understood how I was feeling and reassured me. When I went for the final fitting, Tim cut and shaped the hair for me resulting in a really lovely wig which I am thrilled to wear with confidence. Members of the hospital and patients I have spoken to all commented on how Tim takes time with every patient, offering so much support through such traumatic times. He is a real gentlemen and an asset to the team.”

– Eileen D

What Chemotherapy experience does Clinic 36 have?

Clinic is a specialist provider of prescription wigs for Alopecia and Chemotherapy patients across the North East. The service provided by Clinic36 is truly unique, and the experience that both patients and hospitals receive is outstanding. So much so, that in the 3 years of service Clinic36 have provided over 6000 wig consultations and never had to cancel or move a single appointment unless the patient requests it.

What’s more, we have received over 1500 written letters of thanks from patients who have undergone a wig fitting consultation with Clinic36. And that’s not all, we have received numerous testimonials from the NHS departments we have served and the suppliers we work with to provide such a strong service.

Arrange a free, confidential conversation with wig specialists

Why not arrange a free, confidential 1:1 consultation to discuss your situation and requirements – you can arrange a consultation free here.

Being chemotherapy wig experts you benefit from a unique service

We provide every client with:

  • A private, one-to-one consultation with master chemotherapy hair-loss consultant, Tim Hinton-Clifton, or Senior State Registered hair consultants Anita Ibertson, Samantha Collinson and Laura Morton.
  • Advice on all the options open to you.
  • Home and/or hospital ward visits where appropriate.
  • A discreet and personal service at all times.
  • A choice of best quality hair pieces and wigs.

With more than 40 years experience in working with chemotherapy hair-loss clients, many of whom have come back again and again for replacement pieces as their conditions changed, we are highly regarded by clinicians and clients alike.

Over 2,000 thank you cards says it all

Of course it’s easy for us to say we are great, but Clinic 36 have well over 2,000 thank you cards from wig clients. Individuals who have taken the time to write, and express their gratitude for the service our team provides. Here is a small selection of what some have said.

“A wig can provide such a boost to someone who may have lost their confidence through their illness. We hope that everyone who needs one will now be able to have access to high quality wigs fitted and styled by professional hairdressers.”

– Sheila Brown

“Thanks for all your help over choosing my wig and the manner in which you dealt with me. The entire team are perfect for the job. And Thank you for sorting my hair out afterwards.”

– Avril

“Just to say thank you for all your kindness and consideration over the years that you have helped me”

– Sharon

“Thank you so much for your help. Its only been a few days but already I have so much more confidence.”

– Kayleigh

“Please accept this gift as a thank you for helping make this very difficult time in my life a bit more tolerable. Thank you again I’ll be back soon.”

– Ruby